Info Overload: I’m Becoming a Information Hoard

I didn’t know it takes 1,284,922 light bulbs to illuminate Lady Gaga’s house….

So Wayne Brady really did have to choke a b**ch in real life?!?!!?

Wait Chris Tucker just filed a patent on the phrase “DO YOU UNDERSTAND THE WORDS THAT ARE COMING OUTTA MY MOUTH?”

President Obama is only a 67.3% shooter from the free throw huh…

A long time ago I was told that knowledge is power. For over 26 years I’ve strengthen my brain as if I was competing in the World’s Strongest Man Competition. When I was in the 3rd grade being able to recite the multiplication table up to the number 12 had me feeling I was the Bane of my classroom. Fast Forward about 15 years when I learned about the 4 P’s in Marketing I was just like every other member at the gym waiting for college football walk-ons to get off the bench press. Now anytime I learned anything dealing with celebrities or random facts from Twitter, I’m simply living out this scene in real life:

There’s simply too much information this world has to offer us and technology has only made it more accessible for us. While you can still spot plenty of people who are in lust with their ignorance, many of us have gone in the complete opposite direction. But why?


Think of a time when you knew something most people you’re in contact with didn’t have a clue about. Pretty satisfying right? Whether we admit it or not, being the 1st to know information is powerfully addictive. What we do with this hidden knowledge is where the fun kicks it. Some will go into the proverbial teasing until people are anxious or annoyed enough to find out what the big deal is. Some will be more subtle with how they withhold or reveal their knowledge. Some will tell you right off the bat whether you asked or not. Each scenario has a different beginning but all ends with us usually feeling good in some kind of way. It’s cool to tell people things 1st so they can marvel at our intelligence, even if it’s something we just semi-read off Wikipedia. So it can be assumed that knowing a lot is a good thing right….RIGHT…?


Knowledge is power, but some information is merely a paperweight. Problem is that for every person who has a data plan on their phone that’s willing to flex their muscle there’s another person with their ticket in hand to the “Gun Show” (yup….cheesiest metaphor I’ve made). What’s worse is that the quickness of releasing information often outweighs the validity behind it. I can’t think of how many times I’ve heard Bill Cosby has died because of Twitter. I have a true love/hate relationship with that site. Extremely entertaining but gives some people a huge false sense of importance.


Keeping everything I’ve typed in mind, it’s funny after all that I still can’t get enough of learning things at my pace. I often refer to myself as a wannabe nerd because there’s so many things about science and technology that interest me. That said I’ve always been too lazy to fully divulge into greater understanding for many things. For instance, anytime I read or hear about advancements with medicine or healthcare I’m truly intrigued. But as much as I would like to read medical blogs and journal entries for greater depth into it, it’s likely not happening anytime soon. On the flip side, I’m becoming more and more of a semi tech geek. I like gadgets and like learning about new gadgets despite Sallie Mae reminding me I can’t buy most of those gadgets I read about (I truly hate Sallie Mae…it’s a recurring theme of this blog and my life). When it comes to Sports, I don’t know where to begin or end. As I’m trying to type this blog post I’m attempting to keep up with several games: Bulls vs Mavericks, Rockets vs Thunder, and the ACC vs Big Ten Challenge.


So between Tech, Sports, Music, Wrestling, Parody accounts, DIY articles that seem useful for me, YouTube, Comedy,  Blogging, Chasing Rabbits, or getting Tacos after a night out, too many things gain my attention. Hell I just turned to this SNL Christmas Special and there’s a skit where Justin Timberlake is dressed as a cup of soup completing with Santa Claus singing Hip-Hop/Christmas carols. His line of “NOW GIVE IT ON UP FOR HOMELESSNESSSSSSS!” will be stuck in my head for the foreseeable future. Am I becoming an information hoard, yes. Let’s just hope I learn more useful knowledge so when I tell you random facts it can be of some real value…at some point and time.


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