When Yelling “SCOREBOARD” Ain’t Enough…

Think of the last time when you’ve watched a game and the final score didn’t indicate how the game went. There’s countless games where the winning team dominated their opponents but in the closing minutes the losing team cuts the deficit. So instead of the 25 point lead from earlier, the final score, a 9 point difference, is displayed on the scoreboard. People who attended or watched majority of the game knows this game wasn’t close. But those who only see the final score can potentially think this was a close game. This happens in many others aspects of life.

In May of 2011 I finally obtained my degree in Marketing despite transferring twice and dealing with some money-hungry government escort named Sallie Mae. During my college years I experienced firsthand the rise of Social Media. And while it’s still in its infant stage, the impact it has had is unquestionable. Nearly everyone has or use to have either an account on Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, LinkedIn, or etc. And of course we see companies daily try to capitalize in this new outlet of communication. But many people feel that Social Media is just the fad of the moment and question the longevity of many of the trend’s most popular sites. Reason why because they can’t see the value Social Media potentially has. Sure you can get thousands of people to like your page, but what are both the company and consumer are gaining from that “Thumbs Up”.

The two paragraphs above at first probably don’t seem to fit together, but both deal with the bigger picture I’m trying to paint. Many times we make the mistake of only seeing things at face value. Whether you refer to it as the “Google” or “Sportscenter” affect, we have found it easier to live a life of cliff-notes rather than sitting down and taking time to read the novel. I know there’s plenty of times I’ve seen articles online and try reading the preview or summary of it so I can an idea of what’s going on. Sometimes I don’t have time to read the whole thing or just don’t feel like reading everything. But one thing I do notice about myself is that if I know something is worthwhile to read, I will. Almost anytime I read articles or blog posts about Social Media and its importance I see statements referring that Content is King for the most part. Why is that? Because that’s what drives traffic to websites and keeps people coming back. Having the loudest bell and the shiniest whistle is great, but if there’s nothing of substance to accompany the aesthetics then what lasting impact can you leave?

This isn’t any new, but I guess my mind begins to indulge about this every time I listen to the standout song on Rick Ross’ God Forgives, I Don’t album “Sixteen” featuring Andre 3000. The concept of this song is perfect and explains everything I wanted to talk about in this blog post. So yea I’ll end it here and you can listen for yourself:


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