Fool’s Gold

(So when I typed in “Fool’s Gold” into Google Search, the top result was the movie Matthew McConaughey and Kate Hudson started in. I just find that hilarious for some reason even before I really started thinking about how I’d go about making this post.)

Wanting nice things is not a bad thing. What motivates us to get them and more importantly how we obtain them is where the problem lies. Money, Power, Respect are 3 of the most common things we want in our lives to some degree. That said they are also the 3 biggest reasons we look like complete a**holes when blinded by our greed for them. What’s even worse than this is when we settle for cheaper versions of these 3 and think they’re just as valuable as authentic versions.


While it’s easy to just glance at the Hip-Hop community to see how it’s abused, Money in any facet of life is routinely overvalued. That last sentence seems anything but true to my common sense and host of bill collectors who follow me worst than spam accounts on Twitter. Especially since we live in a society where currency is almost looked at more vital than water. How can such a critical part of our lives be overvalued? Probably when we see people use this equation:

Money > Everything Else

While I’ll take a $1 over 100 fools who collectively aren’t worth a penny, money is not more important than the relationships I have with people closest to me. Sure Money can bring us a materialistic happiness many of us want, but it also comes with a different tax bracket worth of problems. And while many of us are more than willing to face these problems (especially me) many times we undermine the problems people with commas in their bank account have. What’s even worse is those who have a little money and make problems bigger then needed with their new-found monetary incline. Give somebody a $1 and now they feel they’re worth a $1million and have some Power now.


I began writing this blog post on August 31. Usually I try to finish a post within a couple of days so I don’t use interest in it or the main point I initially had for it. As I’m typing now it’s Sept. 7th and some recent events have really boggled my mind.

I live in Chicago, a great city that’s been criticized and plagued with an ongoing issue with its violence. The past few years though the amount of teen violence has become alarming to say the least. Many people complain about the problem without giving suggestions on how to stop it or finding the root of the problem. Sure bad parenting, neglecting the youth, and bad influences all play a part in this. But another reason we’re seeing these kids kill each other is because they wanting something many of us also want….Power.

Growing up as a kid, many of us couldn’t wait to the day we could make our own decisions. Not needing the “ok” from our parents or guardians was what we longed for. And to be honest even when you get older you still feel this way to some extent. Everyone wants to feel that ultimately they’re in control of their lives. That they’re the ones who have the Power in their lives to do what they want or feel is best for them. Power is a dangerous desire to have. Just like Money, Power has an addicting taste to it. There’s a feeling of invisibility to Power that makes people think they can literally do whatever they want. Unfortunately many of our young people today either already feel this way or doing things to get to that point. And now that these kids think they have some Power, they think with that comes Respect.


The culmination of people thinking they have some Money and Power is that they are now have the Respect of their peers. The idea of Respect has become very diluted to me. Mainly because many people today expect others to Respect them and aren’t afraid to tell people why they should. There’s nothing wrong with wanting to be Respected, but to walk around demanding it or pouting because you don’t get enough of it is my problem. Now there are times when people aren’t nearly given the Respect they’re deserved from others. That doesn’t give these people a pass to throw a “My Super Sweet 16” tantrum. Living in a time where patience is lost and demands are common language, the idea of Respect among people has become too conflicting.


So I mentioned in this blog briefly about the problems the city of Chicago has been facing with our youth. And as of this moment (Sept. 10th, 2012) the Chicago Teachers’ Union has went on strike stopping classes. I fully support the teachers but this is yet another problem our youth has to deal with. I love my city and will stand by it, I just hope others will feel the same instead of criticizing it without trying to be part of the solution.


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