Mondays > Death: Why I Hate Hearing People Say They Hate Mondays.

People love 2nd chances. Think of how many times we say to ourselves “I wish I could have done this rather than that” or “If I could do it all over again…” So it always baffles me how every Sunday I’m prepare to hear the exaggerated hate people have for the next day.

Look weekends are great, simple as that! Growing up Fridays were magical because not only did it mean I had 2 hours of TGIF TV to watch, it was merely a lead up to Saturday Mornings. Sundays were cool because I would see some of my friends I only saw at church and NBA on NBC, the greatest weekly sporting event of my childhood. But as 8 P.M. came around and I realize it was bedtime soon, the realization that another week of school did make me sad to a certain degree. The older I became the more I saw how many other people felt the same way but to a greater extent. And now that I’m 25 yrs old, it’s no longer funny and quite irritating to me now.

Mondays signifies that our weekends are over and it’s time to get back into the school or work week. The weekend is many people’s escape from reality and Mondays are the birth canal right back into it. But instead of them seeing this as the opportunity to having a chance to make this week better than the last one, it’s the plague of our existence, according to many. I try to understand why people over the age of 18 can continually think like this. Maybe it’s because they put too much stock into weekends improving their mood. Maybe they hate their job. Maybe this, that, or the third but whatever it is, it can’t be that bad in my opinion.

When I started to over analyze this situation I realize that the country’s hatred for Mondays is merely an outcome of how the weekend is marketed. Once 5 P.M. hits on Friday (or whenever people leave their jobs), you now have two and a half days to be yourself and let loose to enjoy life. Monday is portrayed that the fun times are now over. Many companies have used this thought process when advertising themselves. Why? Because it’s an idea that doesn’t need much selling for people to believe since most already think this way. They’re reaffirming something many folks believe while adding in “Buy our product by the way” to end their message. The NFL has use this method extremely well but instead gave people a reason to be excited about Mondays because of Monday Night Football.

Every time I hear someone complain about Mondays I always make a smart joke saying how a dead person would love Mondays. I love Mondays for the simple fact that I’m alive to see them. Other things Mondays have provided me: MNF, Monday Night War between WWE & WCW, and 24 the TV Show just to name a few. So for those of you who still find a reason to hate Mondays, think of it as the eve for Taco Tuesday. And who doesn’t love a good taco, especially if they’re deals for them on Tuesday…?


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