My Libra Scale Needs To Be Re-Calibrated To Have a Balanced Life

Whenever I use to create players in any sports video game I always would pick the “balanced” preset theme if I had to pick 1 and that’s no coincidence either. While it’s cool to be the greatest dunker of all-time or be the only player to have a 100 rating for speed (Devin Hester YOU ARE RIDICULOUS), it’s still one-dimensional in my eyes to be great only at one thing. I always made my players to be the best overall players they could be no matter the position or sport. I try to apply that same theory in life, but that task isn’t as easy as starting all over again like it is with the video games.

Over the years I’ve come to realize how easy high school was during that time in life, comparable to now at least. At times it was the most hectic period since I was involved in so much but it was rewarding. I was doing so many things all at once while doing a pretty good job (at the very least decent) in all of them. So naturally I thought this would be the case the older I get since I’ve proven myself so far. So I won’t try to think of a clever punchline to say that my theory was naive at best. Sure I learned a more in-depth meaning of multitasking during college but not with the same success rate as much as high school. The funny thing about it was that I realized how much more important is was to attempt in having a balanced life more than ever for several reasons.

We’ve all had one of those classmates who can personify the phrase “walking  encyclopedia or calculator” to the highest degree. I’m talking about people who could find you the slope of the tangent line while giving you a 5 minute dissertation of the certain state of sickle-cell at the same time. OK maybe not both at the same time, but at least 5-10 minutes apart. I use to marvel at such displays of intelligence, and still do but wonder what sacrifices they’ve made to obtain and sustain knowledge at that quantity. I like to think my brain is a storage room full of different facts, albeit many could be seen as random and downright useless at times. I still feel validated in saying I’m a pretty educated young man who can at least have a basic understanding of most things I learn about. I say most things because I never want to limit my knowledge to only a few things in particular. Sure I’ll have a greater understanding in some areas more than others, but simply put I like to know a little something about everything if possible. But my wanting to learn about different things, I may miss out on greater understanding of others. And I’m fine with that trade-off since it’s seems logical to me anyway. My problem has been what my brain decides to remember at certain times. I can’t begin to explain how frustrating it was that during an accounting test I’ve studied weeks for my mind decided to remember random songs instead of formulas I needed to know. It was during these times I realized that balance isn’t only a short-term goal but a lifelong quest as well.

This past month has been random in both good and bad ways. I love spontaneity of being random, but hate how counterproductive it can potentially be (or how people overvalued the word now). Being random can be cool to keep yourself sharp and on your toes or be a detriment when establishing successful habits. While I love the idea at times of wondering what will happen today, knowing certain things will happen are desired just as much. For example, I love how I can learn almost anything on the Internet and get excited about the new things I will read online in the future. But I also need to know that I will take time during the day to read my Bible and have some time with Jesus on a personal level. Why, because I’ve made a decision that I can’t live a balanced lifestyle without talking with Him. But I also know that I can read every verse every second of each day, and that won’t necessarily help me in keeping up the current events in the world. I have to balance my 24 hours a day between have Jesus time, Internet time, job-searching time, eating time, bathing time, and much more. The more I realize this, the harder it seems to get though.

I hate limiting myself at times. I love knowing that I have the desire and capabilities of learning new things. But I know there’s some stuff that won’t be as beneficial for me to know compared to others. While learning every single Internet meme can be funny and interesting, it’s probably not as in important in learning what companies are hiring for their marketing departments. The struggle of balancing things I want to do and need to do is a classic battle that no person is immune to. It’s a matter of people who are willing to battle that struggle, and for how long they will battle with it. I’ve met another speed bump on the road to a balanced life as of late, but the drive to reach one hasn’t died. Sometimes you have to see the gas tank on E to fully understand what’s really ahead of you and what needs to be done. I’m hoping this is another reminder for my life and another stepping stone to something greater.


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