Can I Have a Confabulation With You, or a Word With You?

Think about the last time you had a conversation with somebody and you had no clue what they were talking about. And by conversation I include text messages, Twitter, Facebook, Voxer, AIM (say hello to 2012 by the way), message boards, forums, or good ol’ face-2-face talking. There is something hilarious (when it’s not frustrating) about having a conversation with someone who doesn’t know how to get their point or simply has no point to begin with. Some may ask “What’s so funny about this?” and I’m so glad they’ve asked!

As a kid I thought these vocabulary books were the stupidest things ever, right up there with everything else that remotely annoyed me before I learned to use logic. I didn’t understand how people centuries ago was sitting down and thought to themselves these words I was forced to memorize. So while I hated doing homework and taking test for these inane (stupid) words, I must admit it was interesting learning them at the same time for a few reasons. I’ve always thought of myself to be an undercover nerd who’s too lazy to be a full-time one. By too lazy I mean going beyond doing homework and getting mostly good grades. I mean people who get excited about the density of Phenylalaninein regards to the quantity of junk food we eat. A better example was when I took AP Chemistry my senior year in high school. Here were my reasons for taking it:

  • Thought it would look good while applying to colleges
  • 1 of my best friends was taking it and would be the only black kid in there in there if I didn’t also take it
  • I wanted to learn how to blow stuff up!

The last reason I directly told my teacher and the rest of the class during our 1st lab in class. After she was done going the guidelines for labs I was thinking aloud when everyone heard me say “I only took this class to learn how to blow s**t up!” Everyone started laughing at my teacher even chuckled at my ignorance. Labs were cool until I had to record what happened and why. The documenting of everything is the reason why I’m not blowing stuff up for a career, that and I was completely lost most of the time in that class. I enjoy hearing people who say they read the dictionary, whether it shows to be right or not. Mainly because it takes a special type of interest and focus to read definitions in leisure time. I know a few people personally who do this and it’s funny hearing them use new words they’ve recently learned. What’s even funnier is the times when they use a new word either in the wrong context or it’s simply because they could. There’s an old joke that’s said many ways but has the same meaning “There’s nothing funnier than a smart-dumb person.” and I can’t help thinking that sometimes. Not to say these people aren’t intelligent but are trying to hard to sound like it at that moment. This skit is one of the best examples of this:

These are my favorite people to listen to for obvious reasons. And while you could applaud the person to applying their new-found knowledge into immediate use, you can’t help but to laugh of their misuse of said knowledge. I myself doing this today as an inside joke few catch on to. I also like talking to little kids with more…advanced words that’s in their vocabulary. I enjoy that look of confusion some get before they make something up to counter me. Then you have people who use words, whether big or small, that don’t seem to mesh well when put their in a sentence:

(Skip to either the 5:00 or 7:20 marks if you don’t want to watch the entire thing…)

When skillfully placed, using big words can add something to a statement or sentence. It can display one’s vocabulary and add more distinction as well. Just throwing around big words makes you sound like people who fall asleep in class, crash 3 hours before a test only to find out what they think they know has nothing to do with the test. But at least there’s some comedic value to when that happens, for me anyway.


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