Sports Talk 3-14-12: Megatron = Megabucks, Bears get Marshall, Monte to Milltown, etc

Yesterday was one of the best days to be a Chicago Bears fan in recent memory with the acquisition of Brandon Marshall for only two 3rd round draft picks from the Miami Dolphins. And then top add the icing on such cake we added a respectable backup QB in Jason Campbell to avoid another Caleb Haine situation. I can’t stress how big of a matter this is for us Bears fans after dealing with the Jerry Angelo era. In my 25 years of living, I’ve never known the Bears to have a legitimate #1 WR. Sure we had great years from people like Marcus Robinson and Bobby Engram, we’ve never had a WR who has known as “That Guy” that corners and safeties had to worry about. Is Brandon Marshall flawed, sure. But despite some personal issues, his production on the field and more importantly his great chemistry with Jay Cutler can’t be overlooked. Phil Emery (Bears new General Manager), good job sir! But seeing how the NFC North was arguably the most competitive division before Cutler broke his thumb, my time to gloat wouldn’t last too long.

It’s great when an athlete has a nickname that perfectly describes him as either a person or his athletic abilities. Calvin Johnson, the man known as Megatron, is one of the athletes and now has a $132mil contract to validate this! 7 years $132 mil with $60mil of that guaranteed…! When I first heard of this news this morning I din’t know if I should be shocked by the sheer amount of money in this deal (seeing how it’s the biggest deal in NFL history reportedly) or that such a deal would come from the city of Detroit. I think every accountant, economist, financial adviser, or anybody who engages in budgeting in that city is either an excited Lions or a future hospital patient after having a stroke when seeing that deal with the economic situation of Detroit. All jokes aside it’s a great deal for both Johnson and the Lions. The city had a much-needed great playoff season last year from their Lions and they look to keep that an ongoing trend. So while two Midwest cities continue their storied rivalry with each other, a neighbor made moves in attempt to be relevant again.

Brandon Jennings is a stud PG. He has a lot of talent but sadly is overlooked because he plays in the same division where the reigning MVP is some PG from Chicago. The Milwaukee Bucks are tied with the #LinSanity Knicks for the last playoff spot in the Eastern Conference and needed to make an impact move. So after realizing Andrew Bogut will never stay healthy enough to validate  him being a #1 pick (though he’s quite good when healthy) they traded him and Stephen Jackson to the Golden State Warriors for Monte Ellis, Ekpe Udoh, and the expiring contract (and career) of another former #1 draft pick, Kwame Brown. Quick question: who made Golden State sign Kwame Brown for $7mil in exchange for 1 years worth of service initially? I digress though. The backcourt of Jennings and Ellis instantly improves this team’s firepower as Ellis is a dynamic scorer who will help bring up the ball and allow Jennings to be more of a scorer when needed. While I think the Knicks are too talented (but still overrated at the same time) to miss the playoffs, I think this move by the Bucks greatly increases their chances of a 1st round exit in the playoffs.

It’s been a crazy few days in the sports world. Randy Moss to the 49ers, Tiger dropping out of a tournament on the last day, Dwight Howard potentially holding the fate of Stan Van Gundy just to name a few. It excites me so maybe I’ll start posting more about it!


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