2 Chainz is 2 Interesting.

Hip-Hop is funny in so many ways whether it’s intentional or not. It grabs people’s attention unlike any other genre of music with its brashness but can also portray of person’s soul with its humbleness as well. Over the years we’ve seen our fair share of characters who decided to call themselves a MC. But we may be experiencing one of the freshest characters in the rap game in quite some time. This dude has made a name for himself not only because of his name(s) but his overall presence on a record. The man formerly known as Tity Boi, 2 Chainz, is without a doubt 1 of the hottest MC’s in the game. I shall explain.

The evolution of the Hip-Hop fan is just as fascinating as watching Hip-Hop grow itself.  There are countless types of fans that far extend beyond just casual and hardcore. For every sub-genre there is there’s an accompanying fan base for it. And every fan base has a different view on what “Real Hip-Hop” is which another  bigger and agonizing debate all within itself. For the sake of this post I’ll focus mainly on 2 types of fans: people who listen to more “Mainstream, party” rap to those who listen to more “Conscious, underground” rap. I pick these 2 because the different between them at times is staggering. The word MC also has different meaning between the 2 at times. MC can be just an interchangeable word for rapper to some, while it has a more historical value for others. For example, Plies is a rapper and everyone can agree with that general statement. But to say Plies is a MC would spark quite a discussion on blogs, forums, barber shops, etc. Why you ask? Well the moniker MC has a greater value to some because of how they define a MC, Master of Ceremonies. A good MC can command and control a crowd like few others can do. A good MC can portray a story that can get the attention of the New York Best Seller’s list. A good MC can make his presence felt in a number of ways. Anybody can make the last words of a sentence or bar rhyme to call themselves a rapper, but everyone can’t be a MC.

So now that there seems to be a difference between your average rapper and a MC, who gets to make the final judgement on who’s who? Of course us fans do! Does that mean some rappers will be MC’s that others wouldn’t consider in such a manner, yup. And that’s where the fun comes in! The fact that I think that 2 Chainz is a MC will be frowned upon some fans (if they ever read this). But I urge them to think about it this way. 2 Chainz has been on quite a run as of late. While he’s been with Ludacris and DTP since the beginning and 1/2 of the group Playaz Circle, it wasn’t until the last year or so he’s made a buzz for his solo career. And the song that has been the forefront of his movement is “Spend It”:

The man has an untrained ability of standing out on a record. You know when 2 Chainz is on a song which is a vital factor in making a name for yourself in the Hip-Hop community. The worse thing an artist can hear is that they’re merely a carbon-copy of another and more successful artist. So with that being said, who else sounds like 2 Chainz right now? Sure the topics he talks about can be heard on any street corner or radio station, but again he makes the song his own with his personally and hilarious lines. Case and point:

Crocodile the gator type, I’m allergic to the hater type
I’ll take ya wife, give her back, 9 months after that SIMILAC!

While this line doesn’t qualify for any list of greatest rhymes or wordplay display ever, it shows why his style on a track and why it stands out. It’s funny and you can only picture or hear him saying this line.

Hip-Hop will always be a genre where great lyricism along with party anthems and “hood” songs can equate to success. It’s easy for fans of either side to say 1 type is better than the other. But let’s just enjoy the music and the characters it provided us with.

I shall leave with 1 of my favorite songs off his acclaimed T.R.U. REALigion mixtape and yet another shining example of why he guy cracks me up:


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