Can I be petty…? Vol. 1 – Brandon Jacobs

Where do I even start with this gentleman? The news just broke that the Super Bowl Champion NY Giants have released RB Brandon Jacobs. After having a sub-par season where his mouth ran more than his legs I don’t find this too surprising.

Jacobs had 7 TD’s this past season while only rushing for 571 yards. While that doesn’t sound too bad for a number 2 RB, it fails in comparison to what you think a 6’4″ 264 lbs running back should and is capable of doing. His best years were the 2007 & 2008 seasons where he rushed for 1,009 & 1,089 yds respectively. In 2008 he had a career high 15 TD’s. He production began to drop after this season though. In 2008 he ran for 835 and in 2009 ran for 823 which is still respectable. So what’s my problem with him? He’s talks a game that his legs can’t seem to produce.

Ask any athlete, coach, GM, or anybody who’s worked for a New York professional team about the pressure of that market. It’s insane whether it’s warranted or not. While the Yankees have 27 reasons to be cocky, other NY pro teams don’t have such validation. But doesn’t stop the players and more importantly the fans and media of over hyping their teams’ every success and downfall. Sure New York is arguably the “Media Capital of the World” but that doesn’t even excused the nauseating criticism the rest of us here about their teams at any given time. So just imagine what happens when a team besides the Yankees (we’re all use to them winning by now) actual wins their league’s championship. Well thanks to Eli Manning we have experienced that twice when talking about the National Football League. With his 2nd victory over Tom Brady, Eli has not only cemented his place in the history books, but gave his former RB Jacobs an even bigger platform for his mouth to run on.

To be clear, I don’t have a general problem with athletes being cocky because to make it to the professional league you have to be very secure in your abilities to some extent that can be seen as cockiness. That said, certain athletes just get on my nerves more than others. And this is the case for Mr. Jacobs. And while his mouth has been what I’ve focused most on so far, it’s the type of RB he is in contrast to what I think he should be is what my biggest problem is. Jacobs is no small stack. He’s has a great size to be a bruising back, a runner that punishes defenders when trying to bring him down. While that style of play is more prone to injuries, it also garnishes more respect within the football community. That’s not to say Barry Sanders is looked down upon for making defenders look like drunken cats on ice either. But for a player of Jacob’s size and more importantly someone who talks the way he does, you would think his running style would be of the bruiser type. From my observation, not the case!

Jacobs this past season wasn’t the featured back in the Giants offense, as Ahmad Bradshaw was viewed as such back while splitting carries with Jacobs. Bradshaw is seen as the explosive back while most would assume Jacobs is the ground & pound, short-yardage back who gets the tough yards. He never seemed to fill that role for the 2011 season. Now I’ll disqualify myself by saying that I didn’t watch every Giants game or paid extra attention to Jacobs during the games I did watch. I’m merely going off my eye test, and I didn’t see Jacobs be the running back he should be. And apparently my vision is somewhat close to that of the Giants this afternoon once they released him.

But if there was one moment that really triggered my new-found dislike for Jacobs was his battle of words with inner-city rival Rex Ryan, coach of the NY Jets. By now most have seen this but here it is for the few who haven’t:

And if this wasn’t good enough he dropped this gem during the celebration of his team’s Super Bowl win:

And there you have it. My question immediately after hearing this was “So your 9 carries for 37 yds took part in such decapitation?’ But hey he just won his 2nd Super Bowl so I guess I can cut him slack (seeing how he knows about getting cut now). And just to sum everything up I want to reiterate that I don’t have a dislike for Brandon Jacobs the athlete who talks too much, not the man Brandon Jacobs whom I don’t know on any personal level. Except for the fact he likes wrestling:

(Skip to 1:50) 


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