Botchmania renewed my love for Professional Wrestling.

The statement coming up is disingenuous but true to its very core: we as a society love to see others mess up. Mishaps, bloopers, mistakes, or whatever you call them are so wished upon it’s almost sad to think about. But many times they provided some of the best entertainment we’ve experienced.  Is it because we just love seeing mistakes or love the idea of people who are supremely talented appear to be normal like most of us?

So apparently wrestling is fake, or so I’ve been told. This was all I heard watching WWF/E and WCW growing up. Well if this is the case then this injury that Sid Vicious suffered was only a figment of my imagination (I wished it was). Nobody in their right mind should enjoy seeing a mistake like that. Why, because everybody knows that there were no special effects involved with that botch. The man broke his leg and everyone knew it. So what’s the difference between watching that and seeing a wrestler slip off the ropes unintentionally? Both were mistakes and caused a level of embarrassment to a degree. Maybe the fact that the 2nd instance allows the wrestler to get back up, hear some fans chant “YOU MESSED UP!!!”, smirk at the crowd, and continue the match. Sid just lays there mainly because that’s all he can do. Not much to laugh about there. A man who’s seen larger than life (to some, mostly kids watching) is humanized in front of our eyes with such an injury. The guy falling off the ropes simply slip and fell, something people do everything. We can relate to mistakes like those because we know exactly how he feels in a sense. People who see us fall either and we eventually laugh about it ourselves. And that right there ladies and gentlemen explains why we loves bloopers.

Professional wrestling is always undermined as glorified stunts, and everything is just for show. To some degree that could be true but I ask this question, do you not give stuntmen credit for their work or the actor they’re a stunt double for? Jackie Man is a fan favorite for martial art movies mainly he does some ridiculous stunts and at the end of his movies you get a chance to see some of the mistakes he makes. Many will make you laugh while some will have saying “OOOHHHHH” and feeling nervous to see if he’ll get back up. Pro wrestling has that same effect on me. I watch matches and some of the maneuvers they do and think to myself “What in the hell possessed them to attempt that?’ Even with some of the submission holds I wonder how long can the person can apply the hold let alone how long the other can sustain it. I’ve always had a great admiration for the athletic abilities for the many wrestlers I enjoyed watching. If nothing else, just for the simple fact I know there’s a slim chance that I’m capable of doing some of the moves they do with ease.

So why would I enjoy seeing these athletes make mistakes? Because it’s just funny, and it reminds just how gifted SOME of these athletes are. I say some because watching a person who’s not as gifted and talented as other wrestlers attempt to do the same moves are hysterically on another level. This is where Botchmania comes into play. A gentleman known as Maffew is our Dick Clark in collecting numerous botches for various wrestling promotions around the world (along with the help of viewers sending in clips). When I watched one of these videos, I was in tears, and I love how he edits his videos. It’s one thing to show botch after botch, but he’s creative with including other references with them (along with great use of old-school video game music). I find myself watching these videos in bunches once I start. So enough of me talking and here’s the latest one he’s made which I haven’t watched yet (but will by the time you’ve read this):


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