Back for the 3rd time!

This is my 3rd attempt in making a blog. So in theory this should be my best effort/work in this blogging business. Is that the case?

It took me awhile for I decided to get caught in the blogging wave. Mainly because I didn’t know what I would focus my blog on. And to this day I still haven’t truly answer that question. So I figured I would just post stuff that interest me and see if people would tag along for the experience. My 1st blog, which I don’t actively post on anymore as of now, was on Blogger called Organized Randomness. Anytime I saw something funny or that caught my attention I would post it on there. Then I began to look at other blogs. I took noticed with ones that had a strong following because that was something I wanted to have as well.Now I started to think how I could make this blog thing into more than a random hobby.

Being I was in my final year of undergrad studies majoring in Marketing, learning the concept of blogging could be beneficial for my field.  I could use this blog as practice and hone my skills. But again what to blog about? Since I still didn’t answer that question I kept doing what I was currently doing, blogging about random stuff. I concluded that since this is my personal blog I should post stuff that I wanted to post about and go from there. And that’s what I did. Then a funny thing happened; I began to notice how people could make money off their personal blogs. While this was no new concept, it dawned on me that was something I could potentially take advantage of. And now it began…my quest to make to money off something that was initially supposed to be a hobby. (Insert rap song about getting money..)

Now I’m inspired. Have a dollar and a pipe-dream (insert  J. Cole Dollar & a Dream II). But once again the question remained, what do I blog about? And persistently or stubbornly (based on your viewpoint) my answer remained the same. So I continued to post videos, music, articles, and whatever else that I found entertaining. But now after I blog these random things, I would now pay attention to the stats that Blogger provided about blogs. I paid a particular amount of attention to a tab that said “monetize”. I thought to myself  “So that’s where I go to make a dollar with this hobby”. Long story short I set up an AdSense to display ads on my blog. Of course I read what I needed to read from the Terms of Agreement section and skimmed through the rest. And of course I knew I couldn’t click on the ads while logged in either. But being the crafty individual I perceived myself to be, I said “Hey, when you’re on campus just visit on blog then and help yourself out with a click here and there!”.

Well, Google isn’t 1 of the most powerful companies in the world for no reason people; and sadly my plan of outsmarting a multi-billion dollar company was unsuccessful. So now what do I do? By this time I became aware of the popular blog site Tumblr and made a blog there to see the difference between the two. I quickly saw how Tumblr was more of the stylsih, trendy blogging platform and not to fond of ads. That said, I love how easy it was to post on there and the interaction as well, mainly the reblogging aspect of it. So once Google kindly told me that my AdSense was suspended (sorry guys, no hard feelings…?) I devoted my blogging time to Organized Randomness Squared. And while I still active on there, the question I’ve always asked myself kept popping in my head. What do I blog about? And that’s leads me here.

When I first said I was making a blog, WordPress was the first platform I signed up for. But once finding out about Google, I jumped ship quick. Mainly because I assumed my blog would benefit from being on a platform powered by the largest search engine company known to mankind. So why am I here now? To answer the same question the same exact way. But this time I’m answering that question with more experience and from a different standpoint in my life. I’ve graduated, still have a Dollar & a Dream but Sallie Mae wants to take at least 75cent from that $1 and make it a nightmare for me. I shall still blog about things I want to, but with more purpose and focus. I’d be lying if I said I wouldn’t try to take advantage if a chance to make $$$ from this presented itself. I will say I’d be more diplomatic about it now. I do hope to grow an audience with this because I love expressing myself and hearing people’s reactions, opinions, and whatever else they say. So with that said, I welcome you to this blog. And for the record I seriously thought of naming this Organized Randomness Cubed, but at this point who would get that besided me…?

Until next time people!

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