What Do We Give a Damn About?

There are few sentences that irritate me more than hearing “I don’t give a damn!” In the statistical measurements of my brain that is easily the most overused sentenced of the last 27 years. Now there’s plenty of things I don’t care for myself, but I don’t have this absurd obligation to announce it to everyone willingly. Neither do I expect others to share in my unwillingness to give a damn.

Individualism comes at a price we don’t always acknowledge. The importance we place on being ourselves challenges our ability to relate to one another, particularly to those we’re not similar to. It’s easier to accept the differences of your friends who’ve known for years because 1. You’ve built a tolerance/acceptance for them 2. The foundation of the friendship was built on something you all had in common more than likely. The common place in any relationship people have with each other is the glue that keeps things together. Between 2 of my best friends and myself differences we have are widespread, but the fact we all grew up together in the same neighborhood and schools since the 4th grade is the glue that keep our friendship together. 1 of them is a dancer, and while I have an appreciation for the fine arts dancing isn’t a big interest of mines. The other is someone I constantly argue with about ANYTHING…AN-Y-THING! But the 3 of us have come to accept and embrace our differences when it’s just easier to ridicule with each other (we do ridicule each other but not for this reason).

Social media often is a divisive subject to talk about. Many people are continuing to learn all of its powers and benefits. Others will never understand the purpose of it or points out all of the problems its lead to in our society. I often find myself being 1 who would defend social media more times than not and focus on the people using it. For some people it’s the greatest platform they’ve come across to speak their mind. And for all the attention they’ll receive, they’ll also get others who couldn’t care less about what they say. And that’s ok, what’s not ok to me is how people are willing to go out their way to tell people this. What role does social media play into this situation? Sure it’s merely a platform who people to talk about anything so it can’t be solely responsible for people thinking a certain way. But it does have the power to popularize a mindset people have which is my biggest concern.

The title and opening sentence of this post I said “I don’t give a damn” annoys me to no end. An equally annoying synonym for it is “I don’t give a f**k” or its hilarious alternative “No f**ks given”. I included those last 2 mainly because that’s what you’ll tend to see numerous times on social media. It’s an epidemic, why you ask? Well 1.) I can’t seem to go a day without seeing some type of post that’s saying this 2.) Because so many people will “like” or “thumbs up” these posts. Social media didn’t create this mindset, but it damn sure popularized it. There’s been countless fads that either media or we as people have overhyped to nauseating levels. This 1 is different to me because of its message.

Earlier I said individualism comes at a price, another cost of it is empathy. The importance of knowing how someone else feels is crucial for the development of a person. It allows us to not look at life only through our experiences and beliefs and understand what other people are going through and why they do or believe what they do. With all this in mind, this explains why I utterly hate how much we’ve allowed this mindset to become a cool thing to say. Sure we all won’t care about the same things as our neighbors nor are we expected to. But every time we unnecessarily say “I don’t give a damn” about something, it justifies for someone else why having empathy doesn’t matter anymore. If you genuinely don’t care about something, you repeatedly telling all of your followers or friends how much you don’t care is defeating the purpose. Silence still has power in an age where we’ve only stress the importance of speaking up and using the platforms available to us.


Too Many Ideas, Too Much Risk, Too Little Execution.

Ideas are great. They allow us to show off our creativity in ways that we never thought possible. Some can lead to career-defining moments and others to unemployment. For better or worse, ideas shape how we function in this world. But what happens when ideas only stay as ideas because we’re afraid of taking a risk?

Life is about the risks we take. We’re all faced with the pressure of taking some or ignoring others. Risk has been a part of life since the beginning. Being a Christian, I believe the first risk ever taken was when God placed the Tree of Life in the garden of Eden that Adam and Eve were forbidden to eat from. Over the years I’ve heard arguments and debates about why God would have the idea to even do such a thing, many saying He allowed Adam and Eve to commit sin by placing the tree there. Why would God risk having humans live a live of sin if He never wanted them to do so? Why risk it?

Senior year of high school was maybe the longest 8-9 months of my life. I just wanted it to be over, I wanted to begin the next chapter of my life, which would lead me to Purdue University. That was my top choice as I filled out applications in the fall of 2004. I knew my top choice would present financial burden though. I’m an optimistic for the sake of my sanity, but never have a problem seeing things for what they are. I can’t afford my top choice without being in debt with student loans. So as I began to see University of Illinois in Chicago as my 2nd option. But once that acceptance letter from my first choice came along with the opportunity to be a part of a summer scholarship program, the idea of my first choice looked like a risk worth taking. So with the blessings from my parents (really my Mom because Pops was on boars the whole time) I took that risk. 2 transfers and several loans later I have a degree in Marketing from Chicago State University. Looking back now at my first choice, why did I risk it?

In the summer of 2009 I got a job being an independent contractor and it was commission based. My idea was this could be great for gaining experience on my resume and make some summer cash. I sold discounted ticket packages for a variety of things such as sports tickets, dinner cruises, passes for high-speed go karts, and more (check my LinkedIn profile for even more). The office was in Lombard, IL, which was a 40 minute drive from my house with good traffic. There we’d get practice pitches in, have a few meetings, get our merchandise, and head out. One day I could be on the west side of Chicago pitching for go karts, the next day I could be in a town called Woodstock, IL (it’s basically 29 steps away from Wisconsin) pitching for a golf course. My days consist of obtaining the goal of pitching 200 people in order to meet my quota of getting at least 10 sales. Ego aside, I didn’t reach quota a lot when I started. It got to a point where I would go to work not knowing how far I’d had to travel yet but did know I whatever I did sale would be gas money. And if I didn’t sale anything, well no gas for my car. So yes there were days I’d risk my ability to get not only back to the office but back home also. Why would I risk doing that?

We’re defined by the risk we do and don’t take. It’s from the risks we do take we learn value lessons about ourselves. It’s from the risks we don’t take that we learn our limits, and whether those limits protect or hinder us. God risked having humans being tempted, and tempted they were. What was learned is that God allows us to have free will over our decisions and we must learn how to take responsibility for all of our actions. While that idea doesn’t resonate with everyone, it’s an idea I fully believe in. Going the Purdue seemed like an idea that made perfect sense until the financial burden of it presented itself. And the risk was more than worth it despite only going there 1 year. It was a great wake-up call and was essential for my growth and I still have student loans anyway. Even the idea of being an outside sales rep was a risk worth taking. It taught me to have even more patience with myself and people. I learned how to take criticism and respond to it. And I also learned how to take a risk in general. That job always taught us to pitch EVERYONE no matter what, and I met quota a couple of times by pitching people in random situations.

The idea of risk taking is important for society. We need people who will act out their ideas whether they fail or succeed. If no one is willing to try first, then none of us will learn how to properly do things. I started blogging as a way to get some of my ideas out and see if I could get some monetary gain in the beginning (sorry Blogger and Google for the cheap clicks on my blog). Now it’s just back to getting ideas concretely out of my head. When I apply for jobs in the Marketing/Social Media field, I see some jobs ask for some type of writing sample from the applicants. You’d think that’s the perfect time for me to link them to this blog but I never did. I was afraid that the randomness and casualness of this blog would turn them off. I was denying myself of taking a much-needed risk. So now I’m proofreading past posts and linking this blog to applications now, I mean why not. That’s the point of this really, to get people to see my ideas and see how they feel about them. It’s time for me to start executing more on my ideas. I’m glad I have this place to start.

Are fans just “Fans” anymore?

I don’t know if we as fans fully understand or appreciate the power we have. Some companies will do anything possible for our acceptance, while others will stubbornly ignore our request to their detriment. That being said we have a unique responsibility to not only hold whom we cheer for accountable but to be fair while doing so. The last part is what worries me in light of how social media has given the average fan more power than they know what to do with.

Fans really aren’t suppose to be fair and unbiased by nature. We will cheer for our favorite teams and athletes till the final buzzer while rooting for the downfall of the opposing players. Sure it doesn’t sound that bad. But once you add in the constant heckling, badmouthing, and sheer disrespect for the opponents fans can have then things get edgy. Let’s not forget others fans who force you to claim allegiance to only the team they’re rooting for and none other. I had a problem as a kid with this before I realized it. Growing up in Chicago in the 90s meant Michael Jordan and the Chicago Bulls was everything to me. So that naturally meant I was groomed to hate the “Bad Boy” Detroit Pistons in which I did, despite me being around 2-5 years old during their prime. I heard my dad complain enough about Isiah Thomas that I thought he was worse than any villain from wrestling who scared me (Papa Shango and the return of Bob Backlund comes to mind). So while I jumped on board the hate train for the Pistons, there was one team I couldn’t purchase a ticket.

The New York Knicks were arguably the toughest challenges the Bulls overcame in their first 3-peat. The fights they had are sketched into my brain as they emulated many things the Pistons did to the Bulls. So it would make sense for me to hate them just as much as the Pistons right…RIGHT? Well those Knicks teams from the 90s are still 1 of my favorite teams in basketball history. Patrick Ewing and John Starks are 2 of my favorite players. I just enjoyed watching them play until Jordan was their opponent. I remember telling my dad I like the Knicks except for when they play the Bulls and he just looked at me like “How is that possible?” I didn’t know how to answer that question myself. Apparently I liked John Starks so much my family was picking on him during a game and being the young fan as I was I began to cry. Wow, that story till gets brought up this day.

That story always reminds me that being a fan can be exhausting and uncomfortable at times. It’s not easy to be the only person cheering or liking someone no one else seems to care for. But that also makes being a fan special, despite what others think you still root for the person or team you like and that’s all that matters. So in theory fans are supposed to go against logic at times too. Well that brings up another problem.

In the first paragraph I mentioned that social media gives the average fan more power than it knows what to do with. Why is that the case? Because now they have a platform to rant and rave about their fanatical views to a broader audience they’ve ever had before. This makes it easier for people to find others who’ll validate their points and create much stronger fan clubs or worse hate clubs. Hate clubs are hilariously horrible for the simple fact people feel their criticism is not only validated but needed. They’re no longer just a fan of their favorite player but now the needed critic to their favorite player’s rival.

Criticism is needed in this world, but who’s allowed to give it is always the burning question. Should fans give criticism, sure. How much and when? That’s the funny part because no one will ever reach an agreement on these questions. It’s intriguing to see on different sites, comment sections, message boards, etc how people will come together on issues they feel aren’t getting addressed. They’ll write several posts about how someone they love isn’t getting enough credit and many times complain about someone else being overrated. This happens a lot in the wrestling community.

CM Punk and John Cena are 2 of the biggest names in professional wrestling (or sports entertainment if you will). Their rivalry which started in 2011 was great because it seem to represent the dichotomy between what a fan and a critic is but also show how the 2 have become 1 in present times. Punk was the guy the IWC (Internet Wrestling Community) loved to no end and felt he wasn’t getting the deserved attention and credit that Cena gets. That was the outline of not only their rivalry but how people in general started to view Cena. Cena has become the Hulk Hogan for the kids of this century and the IWC finds that too lame to bare. So everything single thing Cena does never seems to be enough for someone over the age of 12 (this is a great exception though). Punk is the guy that fans and critics gravitate to because not only he is very good but he antagonizes Cena in the most entertaining way possible. They’ve had great matches and many were quick to say CM Punk brought out the best of John Cena, but I didn’t hear the vice versa of that much despite the fact it’s true. Fans of Punk were naturally critics of Cena, but fans of wrestling are just fans of both.

So now that fans can be seen as critics is that the limit to their power, not even close. The whole Donald Sterling scandal for better and worse has shown every professional sports team in this country how fans can quickly be outraged and will seek immediate action to be taken. NBA Commissioner Adam Silver suspended Sterling for life to not only appease the players of the NBA and sponsors, but to show the fans that he will not allow 1 man to make every fan of the NBA become solely critics. And while the outcome seem to satisfy most people I had a big problem with some fans being critical of the players for not sitting out games as a protest to Sterling and the league, particularly before Silver made his decision. It was almost as if the players were receiving the backlash for what a racist owner had to say. Some fans saying that the players of this day and age are no Muhammad Ali’s. Of course not because these players weren’t drafted to go to a war they didn’t believe in to kill what they considered innocent people. So now fans have become not only critics but pseudo activists via social media.

So in light of all of this, where’s the ceiling for what fans can become? Can a fan solely be just a fan anymore? Do fans have the obligation to be critics when needed or be the voice calling for justice when discrimination raises its face? The answer to all of these questions are yes. Timing is key here. There’s a time where we have to be critical of our teams so ownership know we’re not satisfied. There’s a time when we have the power to show teams that we won’t stand for any type of injustice going on with the team we cheer for. Then there’s a time just to be a fan and a fan only. I just hope we can get back to just being fans only more often.


Say Hello to the Bad Guy: Has Johnny Manziel worn out his welcome?

Bad guys are cool, whether some want to admit it or not. Think about it though, some of the best characters we see on TV and movies aren’t the up-keepers of justice and honor. But what makes a bad guy cool and should I feel guilty if I find myself cheering for them? Have the NCAA tell it, my growing affection for Johnny Manziel should be deemed as criminal.

The Attitude Era: the time where Vince McMahon realize the demise of heroes as he once knew it. Fairy tales of Hulk Hogan saving the day was just fairy dust in the ashtrays of grown men who wanted something of more substance. No longer did wrestling fans want fantasy story lines of the 80s and early 90s, they wanted Blurred Lines(minus Miley Cyrus) of scripted reality. But who would they root for if heroes can’t be what they once were? Here’s when the anti-hero steps up without knowing it. Stone Cold Steve Austin was the belligerent wild man corporations hated and what the fans would soon embrace as their leader. McMahon vs Austin defined a generational shift, and it was awesome to witness. The foul language of Stone Cold wasn’t exactly Psalms children should live, by but he was what people wanted. And whether they realize or not that he wasn’t what a hero should be. All this said, there’s a Heisman-winning Texas (A&M) QB that just seems to be destined to walk the path of the Texas Rattle Snake (a nickname for Stone Cold).

Johnny Football is a Rock Star if ever college football had one. This kid has grown men watching his every move for an assortment of reasons. And instead of attempting to keep a low profile, he relishes in it with an accepted cockiness few college athletes have ever done.  Why do I say this is accepted, because he’s the anti-hero for college football fans who despise what the NCAA has become. The phrase “Student-Athlete” as the money-making machine NCAA defines it grinds my gears. That said the insane rules that the NCAA have established are still rules college athletes need to follow in order to play. Despite the fact these “Student-Athletes” can’t profit off their name while universities can make millions of dollars from their athletic contributions. And yes some of them receive scholarships in return which is great. But what about the walk-ons who not only make the team but becomes an integral part of the team’s success? I don’t wanna make this about how players need to get paid because that’s an entire different blog post(Just listen to Jay Bilas for that!). Back to Manziel…well he’s basically like “Forget your rules, you can’t catch me!”

The fact a college athlete has blatantly got away with getting cash for signing his names on stuff is the exact embarrassment I wanted the NCAA to deal with. I haven’t heard 1 person who honestly thinks Manziel is innocent, but I’ve heard a great amount of people who are glad he got off scotch free. Then there’s some who feel he’s a spoiled brat as yet again he gets away with trouble. The attention he’s receiving this summer was comically alarming to me. Almost a polar opposite to the “TebowMania” phase that was just plain comical. It felt like every analyst was putting Manziel on the couch while they examine his personal problems. Sure he needs to mature some more, but who didn’t at the age of 20. The difference is we didn’t win the Heisman trophy as a red-shirt freshman like Manziel did. I’m not an apologist for his actions, but I certainly won’t judge him with an iron fist like I didn’t make stupid mistakes in college.

So after all the noise and a half-game suspension (Ha…Good job NCAA and Texas A&M) Johnny Manziel took his punishment like a man as he came out for the 2nd half of the season opener this past Saturday. And did he go out there and just run the offense without ruffling any feathers, of course not. Johnny Football showed the Rice Owls why he’s the Rock Star I proclaim him to be by taunting back at his opponents whenever they had something to say. Now I agree it went overboard to some extent which is why he didn’t play in the 4th quarter. But hearing analyst talking about it, I would have thought he pulled his pants down at Rice players while shouting “This is what a MAN look like” a la Mike Singletary.

I’ve never been more excited for a college football game than when Roll Tide looks for redemption in College Station on September 14th. Man while typing this I just realized how Nick Saban reminds so much of Vince McMahon and I’ll bet all the money I owe Sallie Mae he’s still swearing in his sleep about losing to Texas A&M at home last season. Seeing how this is also the last season of the BCS system (THANK GOD!), ever negative word I’ve said about it would be rescinded if it can be rigged where Johnny Football meets Nick Saban in the BCS Championship game. Can you guys imagine how epic that game would be?!?! And since they’ll have to wait like 8 months to play the BCS championship game they should partner with WWE and just play the game a day after Wrestlemania. Yes…I’m excited already for this!

Stalling on Nostalgia: Why living in the past is past due.

Memories are great, the good ones at least. They remind us of the best moments we’ve had and reminiscing every once in a while is cool. But here lies the problem, when is “every once in awhile?”

Before I go on I must admit I am the person who spends a lot of time reliving fun parts of my past. It only gets worse when I’m around my sister and some of my best friends as we tell the same stories over and over again. At least I feel validated for telling those same stories when someone who hasn’t heard them before is present. But the fact remains I’m guilty of the very problem I present in this blog post. But what exactly am I saying is the problem again? When does nostalgia get stale, that is the question. The answer, well that takes a little time to figure out.

Nostalgia has been shown to counteract loneliness, boredom and anxiety. It makes people more generous to strangers and more tolerant of outsiders. Couples feel closer and look happier when they’re sharing nostalgic memories. On cold days, or in cold rooms, people use nostalgia to literally feel warmer.

Based on this excerpt in an article from nytimes.com nostalgia is quite the mental stimulant. So long anxiety and loneliness, hello trips down memory lane. Now as somewhat of a surprise to me this same article mentioned how nostalgia until recently was considered a disorder. But now as I type it makes more sense. While it has good intentions, nostalgia potentially remind people of what how things used to be when things aren’t good at the moment. It can remind people of their prime and then show how people are now past it. Worse of all it can have people not appreciate what’s going on in present time.

Many of us relate iconic moments with nostalgia. Whether it’s Michael Jackson’s Thriller video and album, Michael Jordan’ last shot as a Chicago Bull, or Mike Tyson knocking boxers out with ease; these moments often takes us back to those individual time frames and have us relive other moments. And that’s cool if we can keep those flashbacks to a moderate amount. It becomes a problem when we look at those great moments and instantly say nothing else will ever compare to those nostalgic moments. I picked sports and music as examples of this problem because I see and experience this so much in these areas. I can’t tell you how many Twitter debates I’ve seen or participated in where people just seem to be stuck on the idea “It was the greatest at this year and no other year will compare”. Of course it’s all opinion based but the logic they’re using to prove their opinions is the problem I have. If I only talk about how great Jay-Z’s Reasonable Doubt album is and that’s what “REAL HIP-HOP” is (Ugghhh…another problem of mines), how can I appreciate great albums and mixtapes in the present? And sure Kendrick Lamar is great and in the minds of many (including me) the best rapper out now. But what about Chance the Rapper, ANTHM, Skyzoo, or dare I say 2 Chainz? None of them were on the scene in the late 80s or early 90s but are very good in their own right and not just for this time period. Nostalgia gives us a reason to unfairly compare eras and not appreciate each era for its own greatness.

On face value nostalgia should be praised for taking everyone to a happy place; and in a perfect world only motivates us if we’re not in the positions we want to be in. But perfect worlds are merely figments of our imaginations so we deal with reality. So while taking trip down memory lane is fine and even needed at times, let’s remember we’re only there for a vacation and not staying there forever.

Info Overload: I’m Becoming a Information Hoard

I didn’t know it takes 1,284,922 light bulbs to illuminate Lady Gaga’s house….

So Wayne Brady really did have to choke a b**ch in real life?!?!!?

Wait Chris Tucker just filed a patent on the phrase “DO YOU UNDERSTAND THE WORDS THAT ARE COMING OUTTA MY MOUTH?”

President Obama is only a 67.3% shooter from the free throw huh…

A long time ago I was told that knowledge is power. For over 26 years I’ve strengthen my brain as if I was competing in the World’s Strongest Man Competition. When I was in the 3rd grade being able to recite the multiplication table up to the number 12 had me feeling I was the Bane of my classroom. Fast Forward about 15 years when I learned about the 4 P’s in Marketing I was just like every other member at the gym waiting for college football walk-ons to get off the bench press. Now anytime I learned anything dealing with celebrities or random facts from Twitter, I’m simply living out this scene in real life:

There’s simply too much information this world has to offer us and technology has only made it more accessible for us. While you can still spot plenty of people who are in lust with their ignorance, many of us have gone in the complete opposite direction. But why?


Think of a time when you knew something most people you’re in contact with didn’t have a clue about. Pretty satisfying right? Whether we admit it or not, being the 1st to know information is powerfully addictive. What we do with this hidden knowledge is where the fun kicks it. Some will go into the proverbial teasing until people are anxious or annoyed enough to find out what the big deal is. Some will be more subtle with how they withhold or reveal their knowledge. Some will tell you right off the bat whether you asked or not. Each scenario has a different beginning but all ends with us usually feeling good in some kind of way. It’s cool to tell people things 1st so they can marvel at our intelligence, even if it’s something we just semi-read off Wikipedia. So it can be assumed that knowing a lot is a good thing right….RIGHT…?


Knowledge is power, but some information is merely a paperweight. Problem is that for every person who has a data plan on their phone that’s willing to flex their muscle there’s another person with their ticket in hand to the “Gun Show” (yup….cheesiest metaphor I’ve made). What’s worse is that the quickness of releasing information often outweighs the validity behind it. I can’t think of how many times I’ve heard Bill Cosby has died because of Twitter. I have a true love/hate relationship with that site. Extremely entertaining but gives some people a huge false sense of importance.


Keeping everything I’ve typed in mind, it’s funny after all that I still can’t get enough of learning things at my pace. I often refer to myself as a wannabe nerd because there’s so many things about science and technology that interest me. That said I’ve always been too lazy to fully divulge into greater understanding for many things. For instance, anytime I read or hear about advancements with medicine or healthcare I’m truly intrigued. But as much as I would like to read medical blogs and journal entries for greater depth into it, it’s likely not happening anytime soon. On the flip side, I’m becoming more and more of a semi tech geek. I like gadgets and like learning about new gadgets despite Sallie Mae reminding me I can’t buy most of those gadgets I read about (I truly hate Sallie Mae…it’s a recurring theme of this blog and my life). When it comes to Sports, I don’t know where to begin or end. As I’m trying to type this blog post I’m attempting to keep up with several games: Bulls vs Mavericks, Rockets vs Thunder, and the ACC vs Big Ten Challenge.


So between Tech, Sports, Music, Wrestling, Parody accounts, DIY articles that seem useful for me, YouTube, Comedy,  Blogging, Chasing Rabbits, or getting Tacos after a night out, too many things gain my attention. Hell I just turned to this SNL Christmas Special and there’s a skit where Justin Timberlake is dressed as a cup of soup completing with Santa Claus singing Hip-Hop/Christmas carols. His line of “NOW GIVE IT ON UP FOR HOMELESSNESSSSSSS!” will be stuck in my head for the foreseeable future. Am I becoming an information hoard, yes. Let’s just hope I learn more useful knowledge so when I tell you random facts it can be of some real value…at some point and time.

When Yelling “SCOREBOARD” Ain’t Enough…

Think of the last time when you’ve watched a game and the final score didn’t indicate how the game went. There’s countless games where the winning team dominated their opponents but in the closing minutes the losing team cuts the deficit. So instead of the 25 point lead from earlier, the final score, a 9 point difference, is displayed on the scoreboard. People who attended or watched majority of the game knows this game wasn’t close. But those who only see the final score can potentially think this was a close game. This happens in many others aspects of life.

Continue reading

Fool’s Gold

(So when I typed in “Fool’s Gold” into Google Search, the top result was the movie Matthew McConaughey and Kate Hudson started in. I just find that hilarious for some reason even before I really started thinking about how I’d go about making this post.)

Wanting nice things is not a bad thing. What motivates us to get them and more importantly how we obtain them is where the problem lies. Money, Power, Respect are 3 of the most common things we want in our lives to some degree. That said they are also the 3 biggest reasons we look like complete a**holes when blinded by our greed for them. What’s even worse than this is when we settle for cheaper versions of these 3 and think they’re just as valuable as authentic versions. Continue reading

Mondays > Death: Why I Hate Hearing People Say They Hate Mondays.

People love 2nd chances. Think of how many times we say to ourselves “I wish I could have done this rather than that” or “If I could do it all over again…” So it always baffles me how every Sunday I’m prepare to hear the exaggerated hate people have for the next day.

Look weekends are great, simple as that! Growing up Fridays were magical because not only did it mean I had 2 hours of TGIF TV to watch, it was merely a lead up to Saturday Mornings. Sundays were cool because I would see some of my friends I only saw at church and NBA on NBC, the greatest weekly sporting event of my childhood. But as 8 P.M. came around and I realize it was bedtime soon, the realization that another week of school did make me sad to a certain degree. The older I became the more I saw how many other people felt the same way but to a greater extent. And now that I’m 25 yrs old, it’s no longer funny and quite irritating to me now. Continue reading

Latest Victim of the Cubs’ Legacy, Kerry Wood.

This tweet will be the defining question every Cubs fans will to have to ask themselves after it was announced today that Kerry Wood will be retiring. While disappointment and unfulfilled potential aren’t strangers to the North Side of Chicago, this latest case is probably one that will hit home more than most ones.

I still remember May 6, 1998 pretty well. I was 11 yrs old at the time and in my prime of being a Cubs fan. I say this because I’ve always said I’m both a White Sox and Cubs fan while growing up. But after the debacle that was the 2003 postseason (Bartman Incident) and back-2-back years of the Cubs failing to win a single playoff game despite winning consecutive division titles (2007-08), my patience for the Cubs is about as strong as their bullpen is right now. Being born and raised on the South Side of Chicago while having a father who is a die-heart Cubs fan led to an interesting dynamic. My father would always ask me what the Sox did. When it came to his beloved Cubs, everybody within a 20 mi radius of my father’s voice would know the surprising thrill of a Cubs win and the usual agony of a Cubs defeat. Both had their share of entertainment. A 3+ game winning streak mostly led to euphoric expectations that finally this was their year. And the imminent losing streaks led my father to his constant badgering of saying “THESE CUBS ARE PATHETIC…THEY ARE!” The irony of his lifelong allegiance to the Cubs came full circle in three consecutive years after the tragedy in 2003. Continue reading

Sports Talk 5-3-12: New Orleans’ Bounty Hunters Caught, T-Suggs Gets Sacked, RIP Junior Seau, Chicago’s Crown of Thrones: Rose’s Injury

Bounty in the Bayou 

So if I worked for the NFL in their PR department in any capacity, I would be stressed out right now. Yesterday Roger Goodell announced the punishment for the players involved in the New Orleans Saints bounty scandal: Scott Fujita (now with the Cleveland Browns) and Will Brown are suspended for 4 games, Anthony Hargrove is suspended for 8 games, and Jonathan Vilma is suspended for the entire season. My only problem with any of these punishments is Vilma losing a whole season. Now it was reported he help implement the program along with defensive coordinator, Greg Williams, even putting up $10,000 of his own money for the bounty program. Look I don’t support the idea of a bounty system in football, but I would be extremely naive to act like this is the first of its kind. Defensive players are taught from Day 1 to take the quarterback out the game. How players go about it is where things become uneasy. No one should enjoy seeing a player suffer a serious injury and players know the risk they put their bodies through. But again defensive players are coached to take clean hits at QB’s when possible. I understand Roger needed to be consistent and heavy-headed with the punishment to set a standard, but in my opinion I only see this as another example of his abuse of power. He’s the closest I’ve seen a commissioner of any sport be in absolute power I’ve ever seen because he not only passes the judgement but handles the appeal of the players as well (since these were actions on the field he’s the arbitrator such the appeals I’ve heard). I think he’s set a dangerous precedent despite him trying to preserve of “honor and shield” of the NFL.

RIP to Junior Seau and the 2012 season for Terrell Suggs

Next story truly caught many people off guard as All-Pro linebacker Junior Seau was found dead in his home and the reports are that this was potentially a suicide. This is tragic on so many levels because Seau wasn’t only 1 of the greatest players in his positions, he was also 1 of the most beloved and respected athletes among his peers. I heard several stories yesterday from former teammates and fellow players just talking about how good of a person he was and how much it hurts knowing that he could have taken his life away so suddenly. There was a incident in 2010 where he drove his car off a cliff and people were speculating that this was a suicide attempt. It just pains me to think that a man who was so revered by so many people felt he couldn’t deal with his problems or he couldn’t seek the help needed to overcome whatever demons he was dealing with. Watching his mother at the press conference yesterday was horrible to witness, so I send my prayers and well wishes to his family and friends.

Seeing how yesterday was a tough day for linebackers hearing the news early this morning that Terrell Suggs torn his ACL and will likely miss the upcoming season didn’t help at all! T-Sizzle had an exceptional season last year leading the Baltimore Ravens to the AFC Championship game where a missed field goal ended their hopes of an appearance in the Super Bowl. The past 2 days have certainty shown how no player can take for granted not only their time in the NFL, but in life general. I would hate to be a worker for the NFL in their PR department because it’s 1 sad/scandalous story after another. I am very curious and anxious to see how the NFL will handle the death of Seau now in light of the Saints bounty scandal. Why? Because they claim to be taking a new, stronger stance in the safety of its players. I’ve always been critical of this because I feel they have the right idea for the wrong motives. Not saying they aren’t genuinely concerned about this issue, but I feel many in the front office of the NFL won’t admit some of the real reasons they want to make the game safer. 1 of these reasons are the many lawsuits former players have been filing against the NFL for health insurance and other medical reasons. Seeing how many lawsuits they’re currently in, it makes logical sense to avoid having these problems but I feel they’re going about it the wrong way at times, which is a whole other story to talk/blog about.

Rose Has a Thorn In His ACL 

Finally I get to my beloved Chicago Bulls. Saturday seemed to be a good day in Chicago as the top seed Bulls were beating the Philadelphia 76ers in the 4th quarter when EVERYTHING went wrong. The reigning MVP, Derrick Rose, missed 29 games in lockout-shortened season with a slew of injuries. No injury though it more painful to watch as Rose planted his left leg and awkwardly jumped and landed afterwards. A tear of his ACL equaled in tears for us Chicagoans  as we felt our title shot has misfired. For hours many of us were pretty much in denial about his injury thinking it was probably just a bad sprain while strangling any optimism we had left. After initial pessimism for some, fake reports from Twitter and other media outlets we learned that indeed Rose will be out for the playoffs. I immediately began to blame the condensed season as the main culprit for such injury seeing how players couldn’t have a full training camp with their team doctors and had little time to rest their bodies during the blitz of a regular season. The greed of NBA owners and David Stern also became a source of my fanatic anger, agreeing with others who mentioned how the season was so cramped packed with so owners can try to make some some of the money they lost during the lockout. Truth is that injury could have happened anywhere and at any other time, but the timing of it sucks so bad and only in my mind validates all the reasons I mentioned earlier. While seemingly watching a game every other night from the Bulls was a great thing from a viewing standpoint, the shortened season only proved to be more negative with injuries to other star players such as Chauncey Billups, Dwight Howard, and Ricky Rubio to name a few. It hurt the product since players didn’t have adequate healing or practice time and the quality of the games suffered from it.

I really hope the next time I decide to do another one of these I pick some happier stories to blog about!

“Humble” Pies for “Competitive” Prices – Learning How To Be a Winner

All I do is win win win no matter what
Got money on my mind, I can never get enough
And every time I step up in the building
Everybody hands go UP
And they stay there, and they stay there
And they stay there – up down up down up down
Cause all I do is WIN, WIN, WIN
And if you goin in put yo’ hands in the air, make ’em stay there!

Competition is one of the most addicting things that can influence people’s actions and lifestyles. It goes way beyond just a record of wins and losses too. It’s the reason Kobe Bryant will continue to lie through his teeth that he’s not trying to be better than Michael Jordan while everyone in the room knows better. It’s the reason that 50 Cent challenged the one rapper who has a bigger ego than him, Kanye West, in a battle to see whose album would outsell the other (Graduation is my favorite Kanye CD too). It’s the reason why my cousins would ridicule and belittle me at the tender age of 6 for losing to them in NBA Jam by a 30+ margin while I was happy to just play the damn game. It was also the reason why I take great pride and exaggerated joy when they lose to me in video games now. Competition is a part of everyone’s fabric of a human being, it depends on each person how they decide to wear it for themselves. Continue reading

“You’ve Already Won!!!” – Still Waiting On My Lucky Broom To Win a Sweepstakes

On March 30 of this year 3 people became something I nearly daydream about every day of my life to some extent, winners of the lottery. But not just any lottery, it happened to be the largest lottery jackpot ever! Did I play a ticket, nope. But do I still feel the pain of not winning, yup. And do I feel happy for the people who’ve won something I think about everyday, of course I do.

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Loving to Hate…

I remember a time where people didn’t give their “haters” so much attention. Sure some would have their spaz out moments addressing doubters and people who they generally don’t like but it wasn’t a daily occurrence. And while there were plenty of songs that were anthems people could use to address such haters (Hate Me Now is still a favorite for me) you didn’t see artists have a “hater song” out merely to join the trend. For some reason we as a society have allow casual hating to not only be acceptable but stylish as well.

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Pump your brakes and Drive Slow Homie – Bobby Petrino’s Crash

I’m going to start this off by saying I have NEVER been a fan of Bobby Petrino the person. The coach has had success in his collegiate career that can’t be ignored, to most extent at least. My disdain for Petrino started the moment he quit on the Atlanta Falcons during the 2007 season. Let’s forget about the endless debate about whether collegiate football coaches can have great success in the NFL. I just want to focus on how Petrino left the Falcons, who were 3-10 at the time, after telling owner Arthur Blank he was committed to the organization. Look do coaches talk to other teams when they aren’t suppose to, of course. That said who leaves a professional football team in the manner he did. Not only did Petrino lied directly to the owner but left a note for his former players to read about his departure. I remember when this happened and how enraged I was in that moment not only for his course of actions but with little remorse or second thought he appeared to do it with. Continue reading

My Libra Scale Needs To Be Re-Calibrated To Have a Balanced Life

Whenever I use to create players in any sports video game I always would pick the “balanced” preset theme if I had to pick 1 and that’s no coincidence either. While it’s cool to be the greatest dunker of all-time or be the only player to have a 100 rating for speed (Devin Hester YOU ARE RIDICULOUS), it’s still one-dimensional in my eyes to be great only at one thing. I always made my players to be the best overall players they could be no matter the position or sport. I try to apply that same theory in life, but that task isn’t as easy as starting all over again like it is with the video games.

Over the years I’ve come to realize how easy high school was during that time in life, comparable to now at least. At times it was the most hectic period since I was involved in so much but it was rewarding. I was doing so many things all at once while doing a pretty good job (at the very least decent) in all of them. So naturally I thought this would be the case the older I get since I’ve proven myself so far. So I won’t try to think of a clever punchline to say that my theory was naive at best. Sure I learned a more in-depth meaning of multitasking during college but not with the same success rate as much as high school. The funny thing about it was that I realized how much more important is was to attempt in having a balanced life more than ever for several reasons.

We’ve all had one of those classmates who can personify the phrase “walking  encyclopedia or calculator” to the highest degree. I’m talking about people who could find you the slope of the tangent line while giving you a 5 minute dissertation of the certain state of sickle-cell at the same time. OK maybe not both at the same time, but at least 5-10 minutes apart. I use to marvel at such displays of intelligence, and still do but wonder what sacrifices they’ve made to obtain and sustain knowledge at that quantity. I like to think my brain is a storage room full of different facts, albeit many could be seen as random and downright useless at times. I still feel validated in saying I’m a pretty educated young man who can at least have a basic understanding of most things I learn about. I say most things because I never want to limit my knowledge to only a few things in particular. Sure I’ll have a greater understanding in some areas more than others, but simply put I like to know a little something about everything if possible. But my wanting to learn about different things, I may miss out on greater understanding of others. And I’m fine with that trade-off since it’s seems logical to me anyway. My problem has been what my brain decides to remember at certain times. I can’t begin to explain how frustrating it was that during an accounting test I’ve studied weeks for my mind decided to remember random songs instead of formulas I needed to know. It was during these times I realized that balance isn’t only a short-term goal but a lifelong quest as well.

This past month has been random in both good and bad ways. I love spontaneity of being random, but hate how counterproductive it can potentially be (or how people overvalued the word now). Being random can be cool to keep yourself sharp and on your toes or be a detriment when establishing successful habits. While I love the idea at times of wondering what will happen today, knowing certain things will happen are desired just as much. For example, I love how I can learn almost anything on the Internet and get excited about the new things I will read online in the future. But I also need to know that I will take time during the day to read my Bible and have some time with Jesus on a personal level. Why, because I’ve made a decision that I can’t live a balanced lifestyle without talking with Him. But I also know that I can read every verse every second of each day, and that won’t necessarily help me in keeping up the current events in the world. I have to balance my 24 hours a day between have Jesus time, Internet time, job-searching time, eating time, bathing time, and much more. The more I realize this, the harder it seems to get though.

I hate limiting myself at times. I love knowing that I have the desire and capabilities of learning new things. But I know there’s some stuff that won’t be as beneficial for me to know compared to others. While learning every single Internet meme can be funny and interesting, it’s probably not as in important in learning what companies are hiring for their marketing departments. The struggle of balancing things I want to do and need to do is a classic battle that no person is immune to. It’s a matter of people who are willing to battle that struggle, and for how long they will battle with it. I’ve met another speed bump on the road to a balanced life as of late, but the drive to reach one hasn’t died. Sometimes you have to see the gas tank on E to fully understand what’s really ahead of you and what needs to be done. I’m hoping this is another reminder for my life and another stepping stone to something greater.

Skittles: Taste the Injustice – Thoughts On Trayvon Martin

2011 was widely known as The Year of the Protest. From the #Occupy movement to countries overseas fighting against tyranny and oppression, people rejuvenated the art of protesting for better or worse. After a 17-year-old black male was killed, the taste of protesting has become bittersweet more than ever.

By now Trayvon Martin is a household name for tragic reasons. While walking home after getting some Skittles and an Ice Tea from a corner store, Trayvon was gunned down by George Zimmerman, the self-appointed neighborhood watch leader (or demented Top Flight Security wannabe). Zimmerman deemed Trayvon as a threat thinking the snacks in his pockets were potentially weapons since he “Was up to no good” as he called 911 while following him. This story is disturbing on so many levels. Sure the classic case of racial profiling is at display but the sting is still as strong as ever. This made me think about when I was his age and how I had to learn how not to look suspicious. I knew certain places I couldn’t have my hood on with my hands in my pocket because what of people would assume of me. In no way am I’m placing blame on the young man, he is the true definition of a victim. I’m merely recalling how I’ve been through those circumstances of being seen as a threat and how that made me feel. It made me feel I was something I wasn’t, a danger to the community. Of course the outrage over this murder is heavy understandably. What doesn’t make sense is how some people were reported showing their anger and frustration over this event.

Last night on Twitter is when I first heard reports of people protesting Skittles, to which I initially didn’t believe. Why, because Twitter for everything factual you can learn from there is still hearsay at its core. Plus the ridiculous-ness of that made it seem fake. I was praying that it was a misunderstanding on my part because there’s no logical reason to me why people would protest the company Skittles for what happened to Trayvon. How would badgering a candy company comfort the death of an incident young man who had so much to live for? I couldn’t even think of remotely asking that question, so when I saw reports of people using Skittles in their protest I sighed in relief. I began hearing reports of people sending bags of Skittles to the Sanford Police Dept who were in charge of the investigation for this case. I’ve failed to mention that the gunman, Zimmerman, has never been handcuffed, brought in, or anything in that matter for shooting Trayvon. I probably left that out because my mind instantly begins hurting whenever I think, heard, or read that!

Over the past few days many protest have happened or are in the works. Some are centered around the theme of wearing hooded sweaters since Trayvon was wearing his hood when being labeled a threat. And of course others are centered around Skittles as I mentioned earlier. Any protest that has a clear idea of what point it’s trying to get across has my full support. But I urge people, especially the Black community PLEASEdon’t let this be another opportunity where we display our anger in a belligerent manner. Too many times we allow racial crimes like these to be a platform for us to only act out the same stereotypes we cry about. It’s hard to keep emotions in check with tragedies like this but acting a damn fool wouldn’t relieve the pain for Trayvon Martin’s family or ourselves. Get mad with a purpose to avoid another wasted chance to show how we come together in times of need support each other while bringing injustice into light.

Can I Have a Confabulation With You, or a Word With You?

Think about the last time you had a conversation with somebody and you had no clue what they were talking about. And by conversation I include text messages, Twitter, Facebook, Voxer, AIM (say hello to 2012 by the way), message boards, forums, or good ol’ face-2-face talking. There is something hilarious (when it’s not frustrating) about having a conversation with someone who doesn’t know how to get their point or simply has no point to begin with. Some may ask “What’s so funny about this?” and I’m so glad they’ve asked!

As a kid I thought these vocabulary books were the stupidest things ever, right up there with everything else that remotely annoyed me before I learned to use logic. I didn’t understand how people centuries ago was sitting down and thought to themselves these words I was forced to memorize. So while I hated doing homework and taking test for these inane (stupid) words, I must admit it was interesting learning them at the same time for a few reasons. I’ve always thought of myself to be an undercover nerd who’s too lazy to be a full-time one. By too lazy I mean going beyond doing homework and getting mostly good grades. I mean people who get excited about the density of Phenylalaninein regards to the quantity of junk food we eat. A better example was when I took AP Chemistry my senior year in high school. Here were my reasons for taking it:

  • Thought it would look good while applying to colleges
  • 1 of my best friends was taking it and would be the only black kid in there in there if I didn’t also take it
  • I wanted to learn how to blow stuff up!

The last reason I directly told my teacher and the rest of the class during our 1st lab in class. After she was done going the guidelines for labs I was thinking aloud when everyone heard me say “I only took this class to learn how to blow s**t up!” Everyone started laughing at my teacher even chuckled at my ignorance. Labs were cool until I had to record what happened and why. The documenting of everything is the reason why I’m not blowing stuff up for a career, that and I was completely lost most of the time in that class. I enjoy hearing people who say they read the dictionary, whether it shows to be right or not. Mainly because it takes a special type of interest and focus to read definitions in leisure time. I know a few people personally who do this and it’s funny hearing them use new words they’ve recently learned. What’s even funnier is the times when they use a new word either in the wrong context or it’s simply because they could. There’s an old joke that’s said many ways but has the same meaning “There’s nothing funnier than a smart-dumb person.” and I can’t help thinking that sometimes. Not to say these people aren’t intelligent but are trying to hard to sound like it at that moment. This skit is one of the best examples of this:

These are my favorite people to listen to for obvious reasons. And while you could applaud the person to applying their new-found knowledge into immediate use, you can’t help but to laugh of their misuse of said knowledge. I myself doing this today as an inside joke few catch on to. I also like talking to little kids with more…advanced words that’s in their vocabulary. I enjoy that look of confusion some get before they make something up to counter me. Then you have people who use words, whether big or small, that don’t seem to mesh well when put their in a sentence:

(Skip to either the 5:00 or 7:20 marks if you don’t want to watch the entire thing…)

When skillfully placed, using big words can add something to a statement or sentence. It can display one’s vocabulary and add more distinction as well. Just throwing around big words makes you sound like people who fall asleep in class, crash 3 hours before a test only to find out what they think they know has nothing to do with the test. But at least there’s some comedic value to when that happens, for me anyway.

2 Chainz is 2 Interesting.

Hip-Hop is funny in so many ways whether it’s intentional or not. It grabs people’s attention unlike any other genre of music with its brashness but can also portray of person’s soul with its humbleness as well. Over the years we’ve seen our fair share of characters who decided to call themselves a MC. But we may be experiencing one of the freshest characters in the rap game in quite some time. This dude has made a name for himself not only because of his name(s) but his overall presence on a record. The man formerly known as Tity Boi, 2 Chainz, is without a doubt 1 of the hottest MC’s in the game. I shall explain.

The evolution of the Hip-Hop fan is just as fascinating as watching Hip-Hop grow itself.  There are countless types of fans that far extend beyond just casual and hardcore. For every sub-genre there is there’s an accompanying fan base for it. And every fan base has a different view on what “Real Hip-Hop” is which another  bigger and agonizing debate all within itself. For the sake of this post I’ll focus mainly on 2 types of fans: people who listen to more “Mainstream, party” rap to those who listen to more “Conscious, underground” rap. I pick these 2 because the different between them at times is staggering. The word MC also has different meaning between the 2 at times. MC can be just an interchangeable word for rapper to some, while it has a more historical value for others. For example, Plies is a rapper and everyone can agree with that general statement. But to say Plies is a MC would spark quite a discussion on blogs, forums, barber shops, etc. Why you ask? Well the moniker MC has a greater value to some because of how they define a MC, Master of Ceremonies. A good MC can command and control a crowd like few others can do. A good MC can portray a story that can get the attention of the New York Best Seller’s list. A good MC can make his presence felt in a number of ways. Anybody can make the last words of a sentence or bar rhyme to call themselves a rapper, but everyone can’t be a MC.

So now that there seems to be a difference between your average rapper and a MC, who gets to make the final judgement on who’s who? Of course us fans do! Does that mean some rappers will be MC’s that others wouldn’t consider in such a manner, yup. And that’s where the fun comes in! The fact that I think that 2 Chainz is a MC will be frowned upon some fans (if they ever read this). But I urge them to think about it this way. 2 Chainz has been on quite a run as of late. While he’s been with Ludacris and DTP since the beginning and 1/2 of the group Playaz Circle, it wasn’t until the last year or so he’s made a buzz for his solo career. And the song that has been the forefront of his movement is “Spend It”:

The man has an untrained ability of standing out on a record. You know when 2 Chainz is on a song which is a vital factor in making a name for yourself in the Hip-Hop community. The worse thing an artist can hear is that they’re merely a carbon-copy of another and more successful artist. So with that being said, who else sounds like 2 Chainz right now? Sure the topics he talks about can be heard on any street corner or radio station, but again he makes the song his own with his personally and hilarious lines. Case and point:

Crocodile the gator type, I’m allergic to the hater type
I’ll take ya wife, give her back, 9 months after that SIMILAC!

While this line doesn’t qualify for any list of greatest rhymes or wordplay display ever, it shows why his style on a track and why it stands out. It’s funny and you can only picture or hear him saying this line.

Hip-Hop will always be a genre where great lyricism along with party anthems and “hood” songs can equate to success. It’s easy for fans of either side to say 1 type is better than the other. But let’s just enjoy the music and the characters it provided us with.

I shall leave with 1 of my favorite songs off his acclaimed T.R.U. REALigion mixtape and yet another shining example of why he guy cracks me up:

Sports Talk 3-14-12: Megatron = Megabucks, Bears get Marshall, Monte to Milltown, etc

Yesterday was one of the best days to be a Chicago Bears fan in recent memory with the acquisition of Brandon Marshall for only two 3rd round draft picks from the Miami Dolphins. And then top add the icing on such cake we added a respectable backup QB in Jason Campbell to avoid another Caleb Haine situation. I can’t stress how big of a matter this is for us Bears fans after dealing with the Jerry Angelo era. In my 25 years of living, I’ve never known the Bears to have a legitimate #1 WR. Sure we had great years from people like Marcus Robinson and Bobby Engram, we’ve never had a WR who has known as “That Guy” that corners and safeties had to worry about. Is Brandon Marshall flawed, sure. But despite some personal issues, his production on the field and more importantly his great chemistry with Jay Cutler can’t be overlooked. Phil Emery (Bears new General Manager), good job sir! But seeing how the NFC North was arguably the most competitive division before Cutler broke his thumb, my time to gloat wouldn’t last too long.

It’s great when an athlete has a nickname that perfectly describes him as either a person or his athletic abilities. Calvin Johnson, the man known as Megatron, is one of the athletes and now has a $132mil contract to validate this! 7 years $132 mil with $60mil of that guaranteed…! When I first heard of this news this morning I din’t know if I should be shocked by the sheer amount of money in this deal (seeing how it’s the biggest deal in NFL history reportedly) or that such a deal would come from the city of Detroit. I think every accountant, economist, financial adviser, or anybody who engages in budgeting in that city is either an excited Lions or a future hospital patient after having a stroke when seeing that deal with the economic situation of Detroit. All jokes aside it’s a great deal for both Johnson and the Lions. The city had a much-needed great playoff season last year from their Lions and they look to keep that an ongoing trend. So while two Midwest cities continue their storied rivalry with each other, a neighbor made moves in attempt to be relevant again.

Brandon Jennings is a stud PG. He has a lot of talent but sadly is overlooked because he plays in the same division where the reigning MVP is some PG from Chicago. The Milwaukee Bucks are tied with the #LinSanity Knicks for the last playoff spot in the Eastern Conference and needed to make an impact move. So after realizing Andrew Bogut will never stay healthy enough to validate  him being a #1 pick (though he’s quite good when healthy) they traded him and Stephen Jackson to the Golden State Warriors for Monte Ellis, Ekpe Udoh, and the expiring contract (and career) of another former #1 draft pick, Kwame Brown. Quick question: who made Golden State sign Kwame Brown for $7mil in exchange for 1 years worth of service initially? I digress though. The backcourt of Jennings and Ellis instantly improves this team’s firepower as Ellis is a dynamic scorer who will help bring up the ball and allow Jennings to be more of a scorer when needed. While I think the Knicks are too talented (but still overrated at the same time) to miss the playoffs, I think this move by the Bucks greatly increases their chances of a 1st round exit in the playoffs.

It’s been a crazy few days in the sports world. Randy Moss to the 49ers, Tiger dropping out of a tournament on the last day, Dwight Howard potentially holding the fate of Stan Van Gundy just to name a few. It excites me so maybe I’ll start posting more about it!